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# Title Author Published Year
11- Supreme Court Justice Right to Warn of Dangers in Dismissing Jurors for Their Faith Jordan Lorence 2024
109 Instagram Censors Chloe Cole After She Shared DeTransition Journey Christina Maas 2023
108 Zuckerberg’s Twitter Rival Is Already Censoring People for Questioning Gender Ideology Jason Cohen 2023
107 FRC’s Public Comment Highlights Concerns over Proposed USAID ‘LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Policy’   2023
106 Ex-gay threatened with jail time, fines for testifying about leaving homosexuality Doug Mainwaring 2023
105 Lesbian Actress Facing Criminal Charges for Saying Men Can't Be Lesbians   2022
104 Political candidate sacked by housing employer for Christian beliefs on marriage takes legal action Christian Concern 2022
103 Why Are Ex-Gays Such a Threat?   2022
102 Teacher Put on Leave After Refusing to Accept that Biological Boys Can be Girls Todd Starnes 2021
101 A school sermon by Bernard Randall: Competing ideologies Bernard Randall 2021
100 Finnish Bishop Elect charged over historic Christian teachings on human sexuality Mathew Block 2021
99 For LGBT Activists, Critical Thinking Has Become Offensive Joseph Backholm 2021
98 Amazon Will No Longer Sell Books Describing Transgenderism as Mental Illness Todd Starnes 2021
97 College Student Gets Suspended for Saying ‘A Man Is A Man, A Woman Is A Woman’   2021
96 Christian pastor in Germany fined for ‘inciting hatred’ against homosexuals   2021
95 Deletion of Core Issues Trust (CIT) Facebook Page   2021
94 LAWSUIT: Starbucks Fired Worker For Refusing to Wear Gay Pride Shirt Todd Starnes 2020
93 Virginia Forces Christian Ministries to Adopt 'Government Ideology' or Pay $100K TYLER O'NEIL 2020
92 The Dangers of the Equality Act Alex Richey 2020
91 Stand on Marriage Costs Christian School Its Place in Voucher Program Carmel Kookogey 2020
90 LGBTQ Activists in Britain bar Rev. Graham from Speaking Because Of His Biblical Morality Michael W. Chapman 2020
89 Actress hounded out of career for Biblical Facebook post   2019
88 British Gay Mafia Forces Chick-fil-A to Shut Down Restaurant Todd Starnes 2019
87 Parents are left furious as Christian pupils aged just 10 are excluded from school for alleged homophobic remarks  MARK HOOKHAM  2019
86 Facebook following in Amazons footsteps.   2019
85 Unchartered Territory: Voucher School Fined for Faith   2019
84 The Fight to Preserve Religious Freedom in Sports Dan Hart 2019
83 Amazon Books: A New Chapter in Censorship? Tony Perkins 2019
82 Court rules Christian florist broke law by refusing to participate in gay wedding Todd Starnes 2019
81 Christian school worker fired for rasising concerns about sex education   2019
80 All for freedom   2019
78 San Antonio Airport Bans Chick-fil-A over Anti-Gay Accusations Todd Starnes 2019
77 Why “Sexual Orientation” and “Gender Identity” Should Never Be Specially Protected Categories under the Law Peter Sprigg 2018
76 New York’s War on Faith-Based Adoption Providers Is Only Hurting Children   2018
75 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Laws Are Not Fairness for All Ryan Anderson 2018
74 U.C. Berkeley Student Senator Told to Resign After Abstaining From Pro-LGBTQ Vote Emily Ward 2018
73 Scotland: University Fires Catholic Chaplain for Rejecting Gay Pride PAUL BOIS 2018
72 ‘Bias against Christians!’ Bus Company Yanks Franklin Graham Religious Advertisements Todd Starnes 2018
71 A Rocky Start to Philly Foster Case   2018
70 Indiana church evicted from building after posting anti-LGBT sign, members say Kaitlyn Schallhorn 2018
69 Ferryhill Mayor Richard Smith steps down over 'sin' posts   2018
68 Pride Month Has Become a Time for LGBT Activists to Pursue Political Enemies Star Parker 2018
67 Resign or be Fired! Christian Teacher Forced out over School’s Transgender Policy Todd Starnes 2018
66 Twitter Chief Grilled over Chick-fil-A   2018
65 CrossFit Muscles out Conservative   2018
64 Catholic Marriage Counselor Fired Because of her Religious Beliefs Todd Starnes 2018
63 Suffer the Little Children: Adoption in Crisis   2018
62 Church Nightmare a Wake-up Call on 'Tolerance'   2018
61 You should be free to be honest   2018
60 Michigan Wants to Investigate Church for... Ministering!   2018
59 Donut Shop Dissed By LGBT SJW’s Over Holiday Charity Drive Andrew West 2018
58 Former Educator Who Was Suspended for Calling Homosexuality a 'Sin' That 'Breeds Like Cancer' Has Certificates Suspended   2017
58 Air Force Punishes Colonel who Refused to Affirm Gay Marriage   2017
57 Discrimination Against Catholic Adoption Services   2017
56 Australia: Christians opposed to marriage redefinition facing unprecedented 57   2017
55 Australia: Christians opposed to marriage redefinition facing unprecedented violence, hate speech, discrimination and attempts to silence them GARY DEMAR 2017
54 USA: Christian soccer player withdraws from US national team after being told to wear gay pride shirt   2017
53 Parents told to accept gender ideology or be refused adoption: Canada   2017
52 Meat Plant Raises the Steaks for Freedom   2017
51 Street Preacher Arrested, Accused of Hate Crime after Sharing Scripture with Gay Teen Veronica Neffinger 2017
50 First Time United States has appeared on List of Countries that Persecute Christians TIM BROWN 2017
49 A Storied Institution Falls to Social Pressure   2017
48 When refusing to call a man ‘they’ becomes a ‘hate crime’   2016
47 Stationery Company Invites Controversy with Beliefs   2016
46 Northern Ireland Christian bakery told you must act against your Christian beliefs – it’s the law   2016
45 French court fines politician for using word from Bible to describe homosexuality Christine Boutin 2016
44 Report: George Soros Paying to Silence Pastor Accused of 'Crimes Against Humanity'   2016
43 Obama Continues His Attack Against Christianity Michael Ware 2016
42 Northern Ireland Christian bakery told you must act against your Christian beliefs – it’s the law   2016
41 Christian Dating Site Attacked By LGBT Activists And Suffers The Consequences Brandon Morse 2016
40 Catholic School Being Sued For Barring Same-Sex Date to Prom Liberty Alliance 2016
39 This State Forces LGBT “Accommodation” Rules on its Churches Onan Coca 2016
38 Lawsuit: Macy's worker fired over Catholic faith Todd Starnes 2016
37 Magistrate sacked over religious opposition to same-sex couples adopting Owen Bowcott 2016
36 Christian student expelled from social work course over views on marriage Christian Concern 2016
35 Mozilla boss forced to resign over opposition to same-sex 'marriage' Christian Concern.org 2014
34 "Gender Identity" Protections ("Bathroom Bills") Peter Sprigg  
33 Hate Crimes and Homosexuality Matt Slick  
32 ‘Gay Rights’ vs. Religious Liberty: WND Whistleblower Report Documents Victims of Homosexual Agenda Peter LaBarbera 2014
31 Homofascists Silenced Gay Dissident John McKellar Henry Makow 2013
30 Gay Persecution of Christians: The Latest Evidence STEPHEN BEALE 2013
29 Dr. Church loses final appeal at hospital. Board of Directors upholds physician’s expulsion for telling the truth about high-risk LGBT behavior to colleagues. MassResistance.org 2015
28 Protecting Religious Liberty in the State Marriage Debate Ryan T. Anderson, Leslie Ford 2014
27 Christian nursery worker 'sacked after refusing to read gay stories to children' Edward Malnick 2014
26 Suspended and sent for 'equality training' - Christian magistrate who said: 'Adopted child needs mum and dad - not gay parents'


25 Christian Baker Punished for Refusing to Make ‘Gay Marriage’ Cake Takes on the Government: ‘Like Something Out of a Science Fiction Book’ Billy Hallowell 2016
24 More Gaystapo Obaminations Bill Muehlenberg 2014
23 The Cost of Being a Christian Faithandthelaw 2010
22 I'm a florist but I refused to do flowers for my gay friends wedding Barronelle Stutzman  
21 Videographers Fast-Forward to Marriage Fight   2015
19 The Crucifixion of Pastor Scott Lively Matt Barber 2014
18 Cruel Activism: The Gay Rights Attack On Cynthia and Robert Gifford            2014
17 Judge censors Bible for public preaching Christian Concern.org 2015
16 Court Upholds Law That Could Imprison Pastors For Preaching Biblical Doctrines   2012
15 Freedom of Religion on Trial in Sweden    
14 Ban on Trinity Western law grads attacks freedom of association JOHN CARPAY 2014
13 Baker Faces Prison for Refusing to Bake Same-Sex Wedding Cake Ken Klukowski 2013
12 Red Cross Dismisses Volunteer for Biblical Views on Marriage


11 Man Fired By American Red Cross For Not Celebrating Homosexuality Lindsey Douthit 2005
10 Kentucky Revokes Credentials of Detention Center Minister Over Ban on Calling Homosexuality ‘Sinful’ Heather Clark 2015
9 Texas bakers face threats after declining to bake gay wedding cake Todd Starnes 2016
8 BACP Appeal Panel rules on Lesley Pilkington Christian therapy case Christian Concern.org 2012
7 UK college considers taking down photo of famous alumnus because he opposes gay ‘marriage’ Thaddeus Baklinski 2015
6 Truth-Telling and Homosexuality Bill Muehlenberg 2014
5 Christian Persecution In America Is On The Way Says Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Walid Shoebat 2015
4 Disney to Boy Scouts: Allow gay male leaders or forfeit volunteer funds Radell Smith 2014
3 School district says feds forced policy that allows transgender kids to use bathrooms of their choice Todd Starnes  2015
2 Atlanta Fire Chief Fired for His Faith Tim Wildmon 2015
1 Sweet Cakes owners respond to firestorm over wedding cake decision CHELSEA KOPTA KATU NEWS, KATU.COM STAFF 2013



U.C. Berkeley Student Senator Told to Resign After Abstaining From Pro-LGBTQ Vote