Homosexual Orientation, Homosexual Acts, Homosexual Movement

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In this website we collect articles regarding the issues of homosexual orientation, homosexual acts and homosexual Movement. They are organized as below. 


1 Overview of homosexual issues
2 Is homosexuality born?
3 Homosexual acts are harmful to health
4 Post-Gay, change of sexual orientation
5 Social issues of same-sex marriage
6 Parenting issues of same-sex marriage
7 Other issues of same-sex marriage
8 The homosexual movement suppresses freedom
9 The homosexual movement’s brainwashing education
10  Rights and moral issues
11 Transgender issues
12 Homosexuality and Christianity
13 Book: Inside Homosexuality: Does My Pain Matter to You?
14 Special Report, Sexuality and Gender


Inside Hom oSX


These are the main opinions of us.  

A human being is born with a biological sex, male or female, identifiable at birth. Any attempt to change it is high-risk. The transgender movement wants to impose its gender ideology on the whole society. (Transgender issues)

There is no homosexual gene. Homosexuality is not born. (Is homosexuality born?)

A small number of people in certain periods of time (especially in the formative years) develop homosexual orientation because of unique physical and mental reactions to some family and social environmental factors. (Overview of homosexual issues)

A person having homosexual orientation does not necessarily engage in homosexual acts, as everyone has various tendencies, but can choose whether to engage in acts corresponding to the tendencies.

A person that has had homosexual orientation does not necessarily continue to have this orientation.

A person that has engaged in homosexual acts does not necessarily continue to engage in homosexual acts. (Post-Gay, change of sexual orientation)

Homosexual acts are harmful to health. (Homosexual acts are harmful to health.)

“Even in purely nonreligious terms, homosexuality represents a misuse of the sexual faculty and, in the words of one…educator, of ‘human construction.’ It is a pathetic little second-rate substitute for reality, a pitiable flight from life. As such it deserves fairness, compassion, understanding, and, when possible, treatment. But it deserves no encouragement, no glamorization, no rationalization, no fake status as a minority martyrdom”

Times 1966

Christianity (Homosexuality and Christianity), Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Confucianism, and Taoism’s teachings all do not approve of homosexual acts, and any sexual acts outside heterosexual marriage (Homosexuality and religions). These teachings have nothing to do with discrimination of any individuals, but rather are concerned with faith and moral issues.

The homosexual movement initially may want to protect homosexuals, but in some places where homosexual acts have been decriminalized, the homosexual movement wants much more, and fights for overriding special rights so as to impose homosexual values on all people (Rights and moral issues):

-          Using anti-discrimination as an excuse to legally suppress any expressions of disapproval or the negative aspects of homosexual acts, stifling freedom of speech and freedom of religion (The homosexual movement suppresses freedom.);

-          Forcing brainwashing education in schools and textbooks (The homosexual movement’s brainwashing education);

-          Redefining marriage, in order to promote “same-sex marriage”, which has far-reaching impacts on society (Social issues of same-sex marriage), parenting (Parenting issues of same-sex marriage), and other aspects (Other issues of same-sex marriage).

“Gays and lesbians have a right to live as they choose; they don't have the right to force all of us to agree with them, or the right to redefine marriage for all of us.”

Not everyone who has homosexual orientation, or everyone who is now engaging in or who has engaged in homosexual acts, are willing to be represented by the homosexual movement.

Errors of the homosexual movement: The belief that all sexual orientations are born and immutable and all sexual behaviors are normal and morally justified.
Methods of the homosexual movement: Penetration of culture and education, and promotion of changes in the law
Purpose of the homosexual movement: Forbidding people from expressing different opinions
Effects of the homosexual movement: Changing ethical values on sex, marriage, and family